Silentworld Shipping and Logistics

About Us

Silentworld is a fast growing shipping and logistics company specialising in the transport of cargo and passengers in remote locations and difficult conditions. The company operates a wide variety of vessels including landing craft design cargo vessels, high speed passenger ferries, expedition vessels and luxury charter vessels.

The company’s operations range from Australia to the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and other Pacific Island locations and we have offices in Sydney, Cairns, Honiara, Tulagi, Auki and Vila.

Our Mission

Silentworld’s objective is to bring the highest level of first world service and quality to remote and developing locations and to provide shipping services that are efficient, reliable, on-time and offer a complete focus on customer satisfaction.
We seek to be ethical, culturally sensitive, environmentally aware, and work directly with the countries and communities in which we operate so that they may also benefit from our company’s presence.

Principal Activities

  • Scheduled Cargo Services
    Silentworld operates scheduled cargo services between a variety of destinations where there is demand for a regular and reliable service, both in Australia and the Pacific Islands, predominantly using Landing Craft style vessels.
  • Charter Cargo Services 
    Silentworld operates a number of Landing Craft vessels on a charter basis making them available to remote destinations for customers involved in the mining, construction, oil exploration and related industries, or wherever dedicated full-load services are required. Vessels are available for short or long-term charter and can be positioned as per a customer’s requirements.
  • Project Logistics
    Silentworld operates a number of Tugs and Barges on a charter basis for marine operation needs. Our scope covers tow and unload jobs through to specialised long term projects.
  • Shipyard Facilities
    Silentworld offers a variety of first class shipyard services through Sasape International Shipyard Limited based at Tulagi in the Solomon Islands. Currently facilities include several wharfs, hard stands, and a 500 tonne slipway, with plans underway for an additional 700 tonne slipway.
  • Scheduled Passenger Services
    Silentworld offers scheduled passenger services such as a daily service between Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands and Auki, the second city. Silentworld operates a dedicated high speed aluminium catamaran on this route offering up to 150 passengers 20 knot transit speeds, and the highest
    level of comfort, stability and service including on-board catering and entertainment.
  • Charter Passenger Services 
    Silentworld operates a dedicated remote area expedition vessel on a charter basis and has undertaken work such as malaria research, marine archaeological expeditions, wildlife filming and a range of other scientific and related activities. The vessel sleeps 24 scientists or expeditioners and is equipped for extended range remote area cruising.
  • Luxury Charter Services 
    Silentworld operates a number of vessels for private charter including a luxury 120ft Christensen super-yacht and a 52ft Hatteras Sport Fisherman. These vessels can be chartered in Australia or the Pacific region on demand and we will tailor personalised cruising itineraries with our clients so as to offer the highest possible standard of luxury and personal service.
  • Specialised Shipping Services 
    Silentworld operates specialised shipping services such as the operation of a police patrol vessel for the Australian Federal Police in Honiara. We have extensive expertise in specialised vessel operations in difficult locations and welcome the opportunity to take on any such task where efficient, reliable service is required in a difficult operating environment.