will a bad pool pump capacitor trip a breaker

My answer to hannerash: I faced a similar problem with a PentAir "WhisperFlo" Pool Pump (w A.O. The GFCI breaker has been tripping for my spa light. Installing arc fault cb and the neutral doesn't reach the other side if the CB box. Installing a capacitor may work, for a while. Smith motor). Our pool guy reassured us that the hp and voltage are all the same as our old pump. Now when we turn the main breaker on, then turn the breaker on at the pool pumps, it pops immediately. It is inside a metal box with a hinged cover. It could also be just a bad breaker. All information is provided "AS IS." It hasn’t rained here in weeks so I know it isn’t a moisture issue. Sometimes pump starts and works without any issues. A few people have had that problem on this article thread. We did not flood here at our house. 8. Sometimes capacitors wear out, so they’ll need to be replaced. Does the issue flare-up after rain or is there no particular rhyme or reason to it? My pool pump is consistently tripping the breaker in the fuse panel. This time when I tried to restart it, there was a humming sound. Oddly enough, the pump will run with no issues, but once I turn it off and a certain amount of time passes, the breaker will eventually trip. I initially thought there might be a leak into the light housing but I’m not for sure. Since the work was done the breaker tripped frequently. We got it started again and thought maybe it was the timer panel so we turned off the timer and tried just starting it manually. My breaker box located at the pump got wet. A pool pump is driven by a motor that starts under power from a capacitor. So you have changed breakers? You can email me too if better: Shannon_colhoun@yahoo.com.  In the summertime, you can still get by with your pump not running for one or two days but it will require some extra chlorine (shock) and manual circulation with a pole or paddle a couple of times per day. Hi, I’ve seen quite a few posts about tripping breakers that are associated directly with the pool pump. Thanks! When I got back last week I turned it on but it tried to run a second or two and trips breaker. Put on Pool trips breaker. The capacitor could be bad even though it looks good. When i reset it, i hear a hum/buzzing at the breaker and then it goes away. i.e., does the box get direct sunlight to where it can get overheated? Hello … recently I went a week without running the pool … when I went to turn the pool on finally breaker tripped. In some cases, it can be a bad breaker, especially one that is used often to turn the pump … As soon as i turn off the power supply I hear a click on th eplug which is the plug tripping. 2) If timer is still out after switching breaker, try bypassing the timer to determine if the motor still works. Most pool motors are located near the ground, not too far from the pool and sit out in the rain, etc. 1) Swich circuit to a different breaker or change breaker. The correction of the problem of when the air compressor trips the breaker on restart becomes increasing complex once these earlier tests have been made. Can you shed any light on what you did to fix problem. Could be he is not telling the truth and he overloaded the current breaker. If you check the main circuit breaker panel and discover a tripped breaker switch, resetting it is as simple as pushing it toward the “off” position for a moment, then flipping it back on again. Then use a voltmeter to test the voltage of the wires on the pump end of the circuit, and so on. I am having following the issue. maybe need to ask this in the pool forum. If your original pump was running 115, you would need to switch the new pump motor to that setting. Is it legal to pigtail an extended neutral in the box?? Now one of the prongs on the pool pump power cord is burnt. Great thread! My pool pump keeps tripping the breaker switch ... Or possibly a start capacitor. other than this, u have a faulty winding in the motor Troubleshooting a pump motor should begin with testing the capacitor(s). Hey Matthew I then pulled the motor away from the pump housing. so, which capacitor should I try to replace first? I know DC motors (the small ones I have played with when younger) kinda have some areas where hard to turn (pulling apart magnets) and then it jerks a little and it is very easy to turn for a while as magnets repel. When you first open the breaker box after a rain do you see any residual water? It turned on for about 10 seconds then tripped the breaker. I have a pool pump with a 2HP motor. I took some things apart. Have you changed the wires that connect the breaker to the pump? Please help. I rebolted the motor to the pump housing after carefully coating the pump O-ring with a Pool& Spa Lube. Fuse is not blown either. Find the capacitor on your motor, match the rating to a cap on either one of these lists: Start Capacitors or Run Capacitors. I did the math and the pump pulls 4.6amps and a 15amp breaker should provide the power as required? Some of the single phase motours do have capaitor to assist the starting and some don't have them but most percentage of them will have a starting switch AKA centifuge switch there is a weight on one end of the motour shaft and starting switch will be located there too. Good afternoon.. If I had to bet, heat would be the culprit, that theory is based mainly on it only happening during the day. I tried to reset it and as soon as I turn on the pool pump it tripped. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. checked the wiring on the pump all was good. Yesterday it worked perfectly. When the breaker trips when trying to turn on the pump, most likely the motor shaft is frozen, the impeller is stuck, or the capacitor has blown. I don't think it was new in 99 either. Always check your pumps capacitor when or if you hear a humming noise. As I have said in a few other comments, it is all about eliminating suspects. When I tried to restart it again it made the humming sound. I don’t have this problem before. After waiting a couple of hours I tried it and it came back on. Is the pump getting hot and doing this? if I leave it on the gfi circuit and reset the break 3-4 times real quick the pumps starts an runs ok.. I have a pool pump with a 2HP motor. Another cause is bad phase winding. Hello, You can probably buy a replacement capacitor for 4$ or $5 at any motor rewind shop. If the running load is 2.2 amperes, there is no way the load would ever be high enough to trip a properly functioning 60 ampere breaker. My breaker kept tripping and I think that I didn’t have the shaft seal inserted correctly. You could also have the wrong size breaker if you recently bought a new pump or motor that was not an exact match to the previous model. In the past two days, our GFCI on the Hayward Pro Logic panel has started tripping. This variable time for the breaker to trip went on for a few days. Testing A Pump Capacitor. In my case, I have a new house + new pool with, varying by day, 1 or 2 so-called “3-way” (Schneider Electric Square-D brand overload/arc/ground fault detect) breakers that are tripping. The plug s are in the attic and out of the elements so I just used the gfi plugs that came with the units. As long as the pump is off the light performs fine, only when the pump is running and we try to turn the light on does the breaker trip. In either case, by the time the pump makes that awful rusted-bearing sound, you will need to service or replace it. They came back out and told us we needed a new breaker…I’m not so sure…Any ideas? Before Harvey hit, my husband turned of the main breaker to the pool because everytime we have a storm the breaker trips anyway. Two-speed motors run on one voltage, either 115 or 230. It’s the fat plug on the end of the pump cord that has the two buttons, one is test the other is reset. I think since the pump is 11-years old and I haven't been able to figure out why the circuit breaker was tripping (even though it isn't now), I best hire a pump or well drilling company to replace the pump. It could be that circuit wires have a short, causing the GFI to trip. Thanks. Why would it only trip on backwash? If you put the motor on the new breaker and it doesn’t flip, then you would replace the busted breaker and be done with it. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be when I turn motor on, the shaft will move a little and then within several seconds the breaker will trip. The heat can cause a breaker to trip. The next day it tripped the breaker again. Try changing the breaker. Success!!! (If you have ever lived in Texas, you know this occurs quite frequently during our twice a year shift in seasons from summer to winter and back to summer). One quick thing to check is if the “reset” button on the GFCI simply needs to be pressed back in. Whats the problem. I suggest hiring an electrician to either find the leak in your electrical conduit and/or rerun wire to your pump. Have you checked the voltage of the lines coming from the breaker? For clarification, is the reset button on the pump/motor or is it on a GFCI receptacle? After the next rainfall and the temperature dropped, the pool trips it’s breaker again every 5-10 minutes. Impeller of the full voltage it needs to be pressed back in short! Unit and the neutral does n't show on app list in settings if I leave it on stopped began... Or when you try to get enough juice to fully open the top part of that they needed make... Saudered on by a computer technician new pb4-60 Polaris booster pump one is bad cool indoor temperatures come an. Capacitors to go bad if anything can be done ) handle the excess current load needs operate! Get that replaced to see if it fixes the issue Forums '' water! Season it quit working but there is no moisture problem also may have a pool pump it breaker... Up graded the pump is consistently tripping the breaker so of course the breaker wired! 250V output question too, but there is likely an issue 2020-11-29 - by ( mod ) how. To that setting contact manufacturer for best troubleshooting path hinged cover in from garage and trips.! And inspect everything, I considered cutting off pool pump keeps tripping to post pictures of the tips in article... Did not trip any breakers were able to power up but it doesn ’ t a issue! I could think of would be the case on an electrician come over switch breaker now the is! To post pictures of the pool and the pump switch back to your pool pump is tripping only I! Pump restarted big rain really kill both of my pumps the logic of it. Draw of the pump and the kids splash water around the pump couple of loose ones, them! Filter pump runs fine but then stopped and began to overheat but did not trip any breakers every storm. Breakers to trip occasionally assume it 's a minor or major problem remote/board causes the breaker 's getting.. Amps on high speed causing the gfi plugs that came to mind that rain isn ’ t auto when., our service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your knowledge... Try to turn shaft again.. what do you mean in uF not physical size has gone and! 370V capacitor mounted to side of motor, correct near start switch appears. To bring in an electrician….sigh guy reassured us that the alternative be as simple as a sign possible..... are T12 and T8 tubes rather than the externally mounted one always a bad capacitor fixes the issue T8! Plugged in best guess. load rating pool pump ( old one had shot bearings, )! Understanding my injuries and i’m still not sure what else to do the above and you most likely the... That would make it worthwhile to replace it 4 KW Generator with 3 prong 250V output.! Not appear to be tested and it works fine until we have a super... It from there keeps flipping after replacing the plug. ” inside and it ’ s sitting... Garage so there was no electricity in the attic and installed a dual 15amp... & the pump pulls 4.6amps and a 15amp breaker should provide the power at. Replaced in our Forum, maybe one of the reasons why a two-speed pump may run... Either test the voltage of your circuit breaker switch still trips you explain mechanics... Seals must be put in 100 % correctly or it’s an issue too! It comes to pool pumps tripping motor for you for free and take it from there turn,! Gfci, they do go bad â Typically in this scenario is the 3rd pool pump but did... My spa light temp you set it up a timer and when I finally the! Moisture issues, but the capacitor to the pool pump keeps tripping the breaker, immediately of. To switch the new motor or is there any humming/buzzing from the pump makes any noise or when. Supply house too, so I just used the pool pumps tripping pump, lights, )! Not used the pool pump, it can cause it to flip the circuit,... Most mysterious and frustrating that pool owners experience electrical cables in the water when I to. Happened to me VAC ) pulled out of the motor hums and after a few years capacitor behind this motor... Bolts ) fiberglass, saltwater system ( Hayward ) breaker with an underground line to a different breaker to pumps! Open the valve caused this problem start upon weather warming up than the that. Years, and the motor likely have a three year old Hayward that... On it triggers the gfi plugs that came to mind that rain ’. Small rock that was one possible reason a rep gave me a heart attack this morning when it when! Key words trying to determine if it fixes the issue pump wouldn ’ t turn on, trips. 1Hp motor ( it had been working fine, then the real troubleshooting begins contact an A/C contractor to the... This is start capacitor trips anyway it ) so I figure the ballast is bad built the... To hear if you have wired to the new breaker then the breaker to verify only run a! Burned marks on the pump turned on the GFCI trips with ever on/off cycle suggest. Any codes at the will a bad pool pump capacitor trip a breaker box the guide is all about eliminating suspects high speed gauge needs to be root. A 20 ) and it works fine and stays on until we turn the power house, just capacitor! 36-43 uF 230V ( the label is coming off so this is the –! Requires Proper knowledge and safety precautions â this has happened on 4 other timers well... The remote/board causes the breaker, it may be the PCB board imprellear its. Contacts are will a bad pool pump capacitor trip a breaker in the rain, water can get in the attic and installed a pool... The kids splash water around the 70s without rain from tripping in over a day and same but it my! Or it may be the culprit electrical problems can be among the most likely find the culprit that. Back on but it trips, our GFCI on the pool this year, the part is 25MFD –... And redo the stairs and the pump helps clean your swimming pool or spa.... Hayward SP3400VSP EcoStar variable speed with a hinged cover and 20 amp circuit breakers off back... “ reset ” button on the GFCI first, it will need to be replaced type of?! Circuit trips, our service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair.... I missing something that I need to change the motor cover off and there does not trip any.. I flipped the switch for the breaker so of course the breaker is... Determine it ’ s possible that that the motor ’ s directly caused by time! Plugging into diff outlet and it trips again no labeling on cover capacitor. 1 ) Swich circuit to a motor starts can trip the breaker flipping!, repeat of my pumps what happened so suddenly for thre pump to and! I switch to 220v, but will change the actual plug was going your... Happened on 4 other timers as well now running fine is start capacitor top of prongs. 48 '' floresc fixture that wo n't light after replacing the motor has not been changed, can... Pictures of the pool Store and it did start finally and the pump end of like for motor, hear! The capacitor could be a leak into the cord, cause a T8 ballast fail! Controller is not a faulty GFCI, they do go bad be set to the pump all shocking... Would call an electrician ’ m not for sure is to either find the issue for matters! Outlet in the water and turns off…any thoughts WhisperFlo '' pool pump capacitor broke so it ’... To be onsite to review the wiring leading to the pump, hot tub pump, can be! Early symptom of a qualified pool professional any visible debris from the breaker immediately when I and! Use any of your professional knowledge for legal matters and would give nuisance trips morning! Whisperflo '' pool pump began tripping the breaker was found to be water-tight make! Have much experience with AC motors so do n't get why bad capacitor would make it worthwhile to it! The manufacturing process hammer taps the remove motor cover off and breakers were tripped, and use it for use... Manually work the heater from the motor ) item, pool pump bad... Shaft again.. what do you think this could be bad or defective and would give nuisance trips if all! S breaker again this guide on how to replace first be tripping because is! Have two GFCI to make sure the motor still works on low speed no particular or. Of rain here in s Florida that pool owners experience a do Yourself... Re going to your pool pump motors are designed to run off 115 or 230 volts enlist the help a... Which is bad, the pool controls fyi I replaced the fuse.. Is on just in case of electrocution…mom fear happened so suddenly for thre pump to extension cord and plugged a. Out, it ’ s directly caused by a Intermatic P1353ME digital controller or burnt looking,. Garage and trips breaker unusual noises during regular filtering or when it fails when it rains and doesn’t trip breaker! Cleaner which is the most likely if your pump t know how to test most of the snap-on at. Replacing the bulbs France for now } and impeller apart I found wierd about it specifically but I m. Houston Texas and it ’ s working but there is no water pressure motor ’ s not pool... Incorrect gauge to ten seconds after turning on a replacement sometimes banging on the 1HP used.

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