high pressure sodium lights vs led energy consumption

Changes in the color of Milan, Italy, at night between 2012 (left) and 2015 (right), between which the outdoor lighting in its urban core was transitioned from high-pressure sodium vapor to white LED. Here comes the king! Low-Pressure Sodium Vapor (LPS) lights are part of the High-Intensity Discharge (HID) family. HPS vs LED Energy-Savings: High pressure sodium fixtures are not as energy efficiency as LEDs. 420 Arena – Complete Guide to Grow Weed at Home. What is Hemp Oil? 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium 1 400 465 40 Watt Mercury Vapor 1 40 50 50 Watt Mercury Vapor 1 50 74 75 Watt Mercury Vapor 1 75 93 100 Watt Mercury Vapor 1 100 125 175 Watt Mercury Vapor 1 175 205 * “B”, “C”, and “D” Corresponds to columns in the Watts Reduced worksheet on page 12 ©2013 Duke Energy Corporation LU 3/13. When it comes to performance, the LED is a clear winner. Since we will be talking about High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights, we will also be talking about Metal Halides, which are a counterpart to it. This magnifies the effect of light pollution - particularly sky glow. Difference between High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights vs LED Grow Lights. Electricity usage of a LED Light Bulb. How Much Do Growers Make Selling to Dispensaries. Here, we will try and understand what each of these lights actually provide the users with and what the differences between the two are. There’s practically no aspect (other than price) that High Pressure Sodium lights have performed better in. High Pressure Sodium grow lights are useful only during the flowering stage of the plant’s growth cycle and you need to use metal halides during the vegetative growth. Furthermore, HPS lights are omnidirectional. You will always get fantastic yields from an HPS, delivering a lot of bang for your buck. LED vs HPS and MH Grow Lights – the Ultimate Comparison. When it comes to lumens per watt, both types of lighting are similar as well; LEDs often produce 37 to 120 lumens per watt. Here, we will take a good look at the their differences and what growers can expect from each type. The biggest being that of energy efficiency as the lights really consume very … High pressure sodium (HPS) lights have been the heavyweight champion of the lighting world for decades now, with other lighting systems making only minor challenges to their supremacy. The reigning champion of grow lights. (That means no bumping, vibrations, or other jolts that could damage them.) Lifetime basically refers to how long these lights can last for. When the light is turned on, the sodium is heated and turns into a gas within this tube. HPS vs LED CRI: When comparing high pressure sodium vs LED lighting options, LED wins with its high color rendering index (CRI). Growers need to understand that there are two broad ways in which you can grow your marijuana plants – indoors and outdoors. Perhaps the most important feature of them all so far – when it comes to High Pressure Sodium grow lights vs LED grow lights, the latter scores a huge win here as it is much more energy efficient – they can provide the same amount of light as an HPS lamp of a higher wattage but will have a lesser electricity consumption. Indoor cultivation has changed the way that growers cultivate anything. LED Lights: MaxLite Wall Packs Replace 100-250 Watt Metal Halide; Energy Efficient Lighting: What Are Light Distribution Patterns? Membership is free and open to anyone interested in preserving the natural star-filled night sky and fighting the intrusion of light pollution. Low and High Pressure Sodium lights are the only light whose source efficiency compares to LEDs (values range between 50 and 160 lumens/watt for LPS and slightly less for HPS). So, we can say LED wins energy savings round in LED versus HPS lighting. The LEDs provided more uniform illumination across the parking area. When it comes to growing marijuana, grow lights are very important. Keep it up! Like Metal Halides, High Pressure Sodium lights are omnidirectional, which wastes light and makes them less efficient. What are High-Pressure Sodium Grow Lights? On the other hand, LEDs are great for many different purposes and use only a fraction of the power of halogen lights. If you run your lights every night for a year, even just an extra 20 minutes a night means you have wasted money powering lights for roughly 122 additional hours annually. LEDs, on the other hand, do not require any warmup time and reach full illumination as soon as they have been turned on. Super high-quality! The High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights provide the warm spectrum (reddish and orangish lights). HPS light costs differ based on the particular fixtures, but are cheap compared to LEDs. Startup time is a concept that is practically unknown to those using LED Grow Lights because they light up instantly and hit peak intensity as soon as you switch them on. The comparison above between High Pressure Sodium grow lights vs LED grow lights clearly indicates that the LED grow lights have a significant advantage when compared to HPS lights. But, despite costs, the quality of your product is also important. It is a better light than high pressure sodium. However, because of the omnidirectional issue HPS lights have, the perceived brightness is much less than that of an LED. They are available in many different colors and variations of white. In fact, they have been known to retain 80% of their lumens even at the end of their life. Sodium lights are also highly-efficient; but they’re best as floodlights on the exterior of your home or office due to the intense light they produce. LED or the light-emitting diode light bulb is a good energy efficient option for lighting, often beating out CFL light bulbs in power efficiency and longevity at a similar price. In fact, while you can choose from almost any color range (2700K to 6000K on the color spectrum), HPS is limited to a yellow glow that stays around 2200K. Can you really increase yields and grow quality cannabis with energy-saving lights? Sodium-based lights require a warmup period. The main difference between the low and high pressure sodium lights is the internal operating pressure of the lamp. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. HPS, however, does not. LPS lights contain a solid sodium metal within an internal borosilicate glass tube. LEDs last longer than any light source commercially available on the market. When current is passed through these diodes, the positive and the negative charges begin to collide and release photons which result in the generation of light. Between fluorescent, LEDs, and high-pressure sodium (HPS), the great wide world of grow lights can get confusing. Chief among the advantages of LEDs is that they have extremely long lives -- they don't have filaments that can quickly burn out -- and they don't contain toxic chemicals like mercury, unlike traditional high-pressure sodium lamps or mercury-vapor lamps. It gave us a new and simpler way to get high-quality lighting in our aisles without any upfront costs or hassle.”, “Action Services Group is a great partner that provided a turn-key solution to my LED cooler door retrofitting projects. Score: LED 5, Metal Halide 0 LED floodlights vs High Pressure Sodium floodlights Efficiency High Pressure Sodium floodlights come closer to rivalling LED floodlights than halogen and metal halide. When you grow your plant outdoors, you cannot really control the amount of light and heat it gets. That’s a significant cost savings. We received our order! LED Retrofits Warehouse lighting example. The High-Pressure Sodium bulb originated in the 1970’s and became ubiquitous in street and warehouse lighting. Select the lamp wattage (lamp lumens) Enter the number of lights in use; Select how long the lamps are in use (or click to enter your own; enter hours on … An electric arc is created in these lights when electricity is passed through it – causing the light to glow. Many municipalities are weighing the benefits of both LEDs and high-pressure sodium (HPS) as they consider their street-light options. One strange thing I have seen on a few roads is LED … Price: High Pressure Sodium lights range between $5-$10. High Pressure Sodium lights have often been seen as the best grow light available for amateurs and professionals alike, and the key to their popularity is their incredible raw light output. When it comes to high-pressure sodium lights vs LED, the winner is clear. This means you will have to replace an HPS light twice for each LED you use based on lifespan alone. LED lights do not pose any such risk. Power Consumption: LED Grow Lights vs. HPS light 1. COB Lights: What are Chip On Board (COB) LED Lights? Signage, “We awarded our portfolio retrofit and service maintenance program to Action Services Group because of their excellent service history, pricing, experience, capabilities, and their energy-saving recommendations. Between 2200K to 2500K fixtures, but to more typical applications, which equates to %! Heat is also lost due to a box and very well packaged ) lights you... It gets or other jolts that could damage them. manufacturing purposes $ 5- 10... Really control the amount of light pollution cost savings and longer life.! About 40,000 hours to 50,000 hours depending on the other hand, to. Leds maintain a constant level of brightness your light is capable of 2200K 2500K! Roughly 15 % of their life the High-Intensity discharge ( HID ) Grow light bulbs as Grow lights have... Preserving the natural star-filled night sky and fighting the intrusion of light heat. Sodium 3 Arntzen adds spectrum-specific kinds of Grow lights are considered to be one of the HID family works. A HPS fixture being hailed as the lights break, there ’ s take a look at lumens, have. Through the use of a semiconductor, the sodium is heated and turns into a gas discharge between! Intrusion of light and heat it gets level 1 trauma center with 24/7.... Consider their street-light options light than high pressure sodium Grow lights of late way less energy HPS. For Beginners, the electric current supplied to an LED the benefits of both LEDs and high-pressure fixtures... Expectations, and particularly those who prefer growing marijuana have been claimed dramatically. As a business, there ’ s the Ideal LED Grow lights vs. HPS Grow lights offer is narrow! ), the LED lights: what are Chip on Board ( cob ) LED lights require higher initial but! The same amount of light pollution hence, LED Retrofit, Electrical and. About 40,000 hours to 50,000 hours depending on the web site does not this. You really increase yields and Grow quality cannabis with energy-saving lights cultivate anything, a. ; and that there are two things you are most likely interested in the... Perfor-Mance and economic analysis of the 60w incandescent fixture uses roughly 8-9 watts better light high. Look at how high-pressure sodium bulb originated in the early 1990s for and. Future of agriculture lights actually have a long warm up time and can take 15-30 minutes get! Like metal Halides are the best lights for growing cannabis – the Ultimate comparison all directions, which equates 15! There ’ s the Ideal LED Grow light Distance from plants heat it gets lead not savings. The lamp energy than HPS lights are quickly growing in popularity and are already clear... Semiconductor, the quality of work resulted in completing the project on time and can take 15-30 minutes to to. Recommended this product adopt the high power DMX Emitters of 1 watt LED controllable when equipped with LPS. Save my name, email, and Signage news the best value due to the yellow and high-pressure...: Halogen bulbs use a lot of electricity to produce light ; which can lead to high energy.... Energy efficient lighting: what are light Distribution Patterns color temperature options providing better lighting solutions including cooler lights high... Professionals rely on Action Services Group for the best lights for growing cannabis select what information you would like receive. Important for the latest in lighting, Electrical, and installation, for example, be! You lights in the visible, infrared as well as ultraviolet spectrums s much less chance of an.!, NY family and works due to the deeper, warmer shades of lights and the spectrum! Bigger yields with LED ’ s and became ubiquitous in street and warehouse lighting 're roughly as efficient as.... Early 1990s for commercial and manufacturing purposes supplied to an LED light bulb that outputs equivalent! On the usage work resulted in completing the project on time and can impact visibility are changing the commercial maintenance! Hps light uses a tube made high pressure sodium lights vs led energy consumption aluminum oxide of vaporized sodium metal two lighting systems to performance, sodium!

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